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Who We Are

There is no doubt that the cannabis industry is growing on a massive scale. Currently, the legal cannabis industry is worth over $10 billion and is estimated to be over $20 billion by 2021. So needless to say, the growth projected is astronomical.

Who thrives in this coming green boom will come down to how cannabis companies can get the most exposure. That is where 420WIFI’s National FREE Hot Spot WIFI services for the Cannabis dispensaries comes in. We are a comprehensive cannabis dispensary WIFI proximity marketing company. We provide a cutting-edge marketing approach that combines data gathering with on and offline sales. We implement WIFI marketing specifically targeted towards the cannabis industry to maximize its effectiveness. We operate out of Los Angeles, putting us in the epicenter of the rising legal cannabis trend.

We Provide An Indepth Analysis Of The
Cannabis Industry, learn more…

What we do

Future of Customer Engagement

420 Wifi helps small and medium cannabis dispensaries connect directly with their customers and learn more about them.

Data Collection

analysis is crucial

learn the most about your customers with the least amount of intrusion.

What Can We Do?

higher conversion rates

The conversion rate of new customers is significantly higher when implementing a proximity Wifi strategy.

Increase Loyalty

high engagement

social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

Better Patient Relationships

Humanize Your Brand

Teaming up with 420 Wifi will help you to create a level of intimacy and relatability with your target demographic that can’t be achieved through other means.

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