What Can It Do?

What Can 420WiFi Do For Me?

According to a study conducted by Swirl, a remarkable 73% of consumers reported that they would be more likely to buy in-store when a WIFI proximity service triggered an offer that was sent to their phone. This means that the conversion rate of new customers is significantly higher when implementing a proximity WIFI strategy.

The survey went on further to find that 60% of shoppers opened and engaged with proximity WIFI offers. A third of these shoppers would go on to redeem these coupons and make a purchase.

Obtaining and retaining new customers is vital to the cash flow of a business, especially a new one. The cannabis industry is growing quickly, so setting your business apart from others is crucial to success. According to a survey conducted by Statista, the age group that uses the most cannabis is between 18 and 29. It is also important to note that 98% of this age group uses the internet. Statistically, it simply makes sense to implement a WIFI proximity marketing strategy with the emerging cannabis industry. Most of the population interested in legal cannabis will also be heavy internet users, this is why 420WIFI.com is such an effective marketing strategy.

420 Wifi can help your business make a big impact in your area. If you are in a high traffic location but are not getting the kind of business you expected to your dispensary, then this service was tailor made for your needs. There is so much untapped potential in that crowd, and if they have an incentive to connect through your business, like a free Wifi hotspot, this kind of engagement can help your business get the notoriety that it deserves.

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