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For those who haven’t heard of it, WIFI proximity marketing is the future of customer engagement. According to Small Biz Trends survey, the average consumer spends more than 5 hours a day online, yet make 93% of their purchases offline. 420WIFI.com helps small and medium cannabis dispensaries connect with their customers and learn more about them.

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  • This process works because 420WIFI.com offers their WIFI connection free to customers that frequent a business location. In order for a customer to use this WIFI, they have to give an email address.

  • This email address can then be used by the cannabis business working with 420WIFI.com to send promotional copy, inform about discounts/sales, or even create a target customer contact list.

  • The Small Biz Trends survey also revealed that businesses that offer free WIFI cause 62% of customers to stay longer, and 50% of those customers will spend more money on a product and/or service as a result of the extra time stayed.

  • This is the power of WIFI proximity marketing.

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