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Innovation is a crucial centerpiece of any marketing campaign. It is no secret, people enjoy novelty. Marketing is a playground where creative individuals can test what people will respond to next. WIFI proximity marketing is right on the cusp of innovation, which is only a small part of its appeal.

The practical application of WIFI proximity marketing is that it has a high engagement on consumers. 420WIFI lets a business communicate with any WIFI enabled smartphone in the area. Then potential customers can be prompted to sign in via their social media platforms in order to use the free WIFI. These can be custom designed landing pages that are made for maximum aesthetic appeal. Getting a consumer to log into the free WIFI via their social media profile gives your business access to vital information about the consumer, as well as a great way to continue a connection with them.

Brands that engage with their customers via social media have a higher conversion rate, as well as customer satisfaction rate than those who do not engaged. According to a study conducted by Hubspot in 2012, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. This means that it is literally twice as effective.

Another report conducted by Social Media Examiner found that 66% of marketers saw lead generation benefits by using social media at least 6 hours a week. Social media is a valuable platform for increasing sales, and can help you connect one-on-one with consumer profiles.

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