Data Collection

Another impactful aspect of WIFI proximity marketing is the data collection it allows. Customers log on to the free wifi every time they visit the location. This allows to gather data on the customer such as frequency of visits and how long they visit. Businesses can even set up voluntary surveys to learn more about their customers such as their birthdate, favorite strain, income level, and more.

Data collection and analysis is a crucial aspect of making an effective marketing campaign. 420 Wifi uses sophisticated data collection strategies so that you can learn the most about your customers with the least amount of intrusion or interruption to their experience.

The data collection process allows businesses to automate marketing campaigns. With enough data a campaign can be customized to fit each customer. For example, you can create an incentive program where your customers get a free bonus product on every 10th visit. The WIFI metrics can count customer visits for you, then send out an automated email whenever a customer makes their tenth visit to the store. This concept can be applied to many different campaign strategies. You can schedule emails to go out days, weeks, or months in advance, including coupons and event announcements.

WIFI data collection also allows your business to recognize first time visitors. Once a first-time visitor agrees to use the free WIFI, they submit their email address, and your business can send them incentive coupons or offers to get them to buy. This is a great way to turn a curious onlooker into a regular customer.

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